Saturday, January 2, 2010

Colt 45

First day of fly fishing in 2010 and I decided to hit the Arkansas River as it flows into Pueblo, Colorado. Strange area to fish, as the river has collected trash from the city and many Colt 45 Malt Liquor "empties" from gang bangers who frequent the area. Another odd feature, gang-related graffiti on trees. Tagging of centuries old Cottonwood trees! "Yo West Side Bloods!" Don't mess with the Stream Side Caddis!"
My wife works at a treatment facility which houses many teenaged gang members from Los Angeles and Denver. These kids are sent to her facility for "rehabilitation" and treatment. In short, they're in trouble and her center is their last stop before entering the adult criminal justice system. Oddly enough, before I left the house, I noticed one of her residents had tagged our car, scrolling “13 ES" in the dust of the back window. Which according to my wife; this tag was in reference to 13 East Side Surenos a gang from Southern California.
My gut told me I had better wash the car and remove the tag before I went to Pueblo, which is notorious for gangs and gang activity. Good thing I removed the tag! As one never knows what type of response I may have gotten from the Stream Side Caddis.

Caught one Rainbow Trout, 13-14 inches. Day one, one fish.


  1. Sad to hear of the trash and "Gang Tags".
    It sounds like you caught a very nice fish. Was it "Gang Tagged" too?

  2. wow ..this is so sad ...even the ignorance.of our times seeps into .our nature ..i often wonder how wonderful it would feel travel to alaska a untouched area ..and step. smell and drink inall the beauty.wonderful i betcha ...we should go someday soon .how was the trout did you grill it ..was it tasty me friend ?

  3. I would like to sit on the shore, in a lawn chair, in the sun, not too hot, unless I have a hat...........

    And just visit wih you while you fish,,

    keep up your blog - I'll be back


  4. Eric, Thank you for the link to your blog. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts.